UNC Give


Mark your calendars for 3 30 2021.  That’s the day that our beloved UNC has designated to Give to UNC.  And UNC is making it easy.  On March 30th, go to www.uncgive.unc.edu and find your passion and make a donation.  If you love Carolina like I do, this is a great opportunity to pay it back for all that Carolina has given to you over the years.  This year, the GAA and all Carolina Clubs, including our own San Antonio Carolina Club are asking alumni and friends to make a donation to scholarships.  I urge you to consider making a donation, no matter how small ($5.00 minimum) to the San Antonio Carolina Club Scholarship.  You can find us by clicking on “Find Your Cause” or searching for Carolina Club Scholarships.  I also encourage you to donate to your other UNC passions (your school, program, or another worthy Carolina activity).

You will notice on the GiveUNC website that there is a leaderboard.  In real time, the leaderboard will show the number and amount of donations for all of the Carolina Clubs.  We are a small club her in San Antonio, but your donation will matter to a deserving student, who will make a difference in our world.  Please be as generous as you can, and no donation is too small.  Go Tar Heels; Give UNC!

March 30, 2021